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Classics from the Archives

IMG_7060 (1)

The Sky’s the Limit 2015 Hiking Challenge

This is DEEP, man Connecticut State Parks “The Sky’s the Limit” 2015 Hiking Challenge Jump down to the climbs [This page is part of my ongoing series, “Hikes with my Boys.” The full list of those hikes can be found here.] If I was an egomaniac, I'd write three paragraphs on how I influenced the state to … [Read More...]


187. Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

Ain’t Nobody Like the Peabody I Got New Haven (Google Maps location) September 11, 2010 Here I am again. Staring at a blank screen and 150 photos of a huge and wonderful museum wondering how in the heck I should approach this monster. Writing about the giants is by far the hardest thing I do for this … [Read More...]

Featured Posts


Apple Pie Moonshine, Connecticut Style

Apple Pie Moonshine, Connecticut Style Hickory Ledges Distillery/Hastings Farm Dairy Farm I had totally forgotten about this drink, but it was one that made my wife quite happy last winter. But it's not just a cold-weather drink at all. Something tells me she'd drink this in the middle of July if it was available. … [Read More...]

I drove by it in 2011 and excitedly snapped this picture.

Monkey Farm Cafe

Just Monkeying Around Here Monkey Farm Cafe, Old Saybrook There are something like 1800 pages on CTMQ. I've done, visited, experienced, eaten, drank, etc. every single thing on every single one of those pages. Which makes this page quite unique. For I have not actually been inside the Monkey Farm Cafe in Old … [Read More...]

the arch!

Portland’s Brownstone Arch

Where Weather is the Arch Enemy Portland's Brownstone Arch May 18, 2011 Way back in 2011, I did a full CTMQ Day down the Connecticut River Valley. From Middletown to Old Saybrook, I hit several museums and other “stuff” for this website. Now, five years later, I’m going through those pictures and seeing some … [Read More...]