Famous People Houses

I don’t care about famous people. At all. Ask Hoang. Plenty of famous people live in Connecticut; far more than most people think. And since much of Connecticut is staid and decidedly un-hip, this sometimes leads to somewhat odd residencies. If they are visible from the road, I may as well snap a picture and put it on this page.

Virtual Globetrotting Famous people houses in CT

1. Rob Zombie’s House in Woodbury

Yes, Rob Freaking Zombie lives here.

Yes, the director of the Night of 1000 Corpses lives here.

Zombie’s “Hollywood East” cred


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  1. Ellen says

    Never heard of Rob Zombie but I grew up in Woodbury and now live in Western Australia so enjoyed seeing this. Lots of famous people owned homes in and near Woodbury when I was growing up.


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