cmj.jpgWhat the heck are Dudleytown, Little People’s Kingdom, King Philip’s Cave, and Holy Land? Are they even real? I have no idea where this section of CTMQ will take me, but as long as it doesn’t get me killed or arrested, I’m eager to find out.

This section began small… but now has grown to be nearly unmanageable. Wish me luck. There is a lot of crossover from elsewhere around the site… But this is the best I could manage from an organizational standpoint.

Note: If you know of anything I should add, don’t hesitate to let me know. Oh, if you’re looking for general Connecticut links, you can just go here.

Table of Contents:

I. Geography (Incl. Waterfalls and Islands of note)
II.Biology & Geology (Animals, Plants, Rocks)
III. Superlatives (Firsts, Oldests, Largests, etc.)
IV.Habitation (Houses, Communities, Stores, Public Art & “Hauntings”)
V. Transportation (Ferries, Planes, Trains, Carousels, etc.)
VI. Structural Engineering (Lighthouses, Tunnels, Bridges, Towers, etc.)
VII.Religous Stuff (Churches, Labyrinths, Satan, etc.)
VIII. Remembrances (Cemeteries, Monuments, Statuary, Greens)
IX. National “Stuff” (Historic Landmarks, Sites, Trails, etc.)
X. State Parks and Forests
XI. Events (Sports, Fairs, Parades, Festivals, etc.)

And lastly: Various Connecticut links I enjoy

The Granby Oak, a.k.a. The Coolest Tree in Connecticut, Granby


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  1. Scott Lonkoski says

    Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your writing style and you’ve inspired me to visit many places I never would have known about. On a side note, I’m not Catholic or very religious, but a few years ago a few of us went and got our bikes blessed. Very surreal, we rode right in and up to the Grotto, a priest (I assume) tossed a little water on us (no doubt from Patrick Baker & Sons plastic water bottles made in China). As it turns out it was a great and safe riding year, hmmmm.

  2. Alanna p m says

    Hi I have a wild goose and it has a bad leg
    it’s open and it can’t wwalk. I was not sure if
    you could help it and take it in. Toucan email
    me back to give me an anwser thanks.

  3. says

    Jeff – it’s there, in the “Curious Retail Stores” section. LOVE the Book Barn.
    Joe – Because there are no such thing as ghosts.

  4. Shirley sutton says

    The Green Lady story is a complete fabrication that town historians wish would die as vandals have destroyed much of the cemetery.


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