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Classics from the Archives

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The Sky’s the Limit 2015 Hiking Challenge

This is DEEP, man Connecticut State Parks “The Sky’s the Limit” 2015 Hiking Challenge Jump down to the climbs [This page is part of my ongoing series, “Hikes with my Boys.” The full list of those hikes can be found here.] If I was an egomaniac, I'd write three paragraphs on how I influenced the state to … [Read More...]


187. Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

Ain’t Nobody Like the Peabody I Got New Haven (Google Maps location) September 11, 2010 Here I am again. Staring at a blank screen and 150 photos of a huge and wonderful museum wondering how in the heck I should approach this monster. Writing about the giants is by far the hardest thing I do for this … [Read More...]

Featured Posts

Hoang and the boys on the John Wing Trail at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, 2014


Cape Cod Museum Quest 2014- I have no plans to ever expand on this idea for several reasons: I've spent an entirety of 20 days on Cape Cod in my life (at least 10 of which were spent entirely at a beach), I have no idea how many more days I'll spend on the Cape in my life, and getting to museums is not even … [Read More...]


Baker’s Cave

"D'Oh! Another Fake Cave” Baker's Cave, East Lyme August 16, 2016 [This page is part of my ongoing series, “Hikes with my Boys.” The full list of those hikes can be found here.] Tuesday in August, no camp/school/activities for the boys. What to do, what to do... I didn't really know as I buckled them … [Read More...]


The Relic Hunter

You’re the Star of the Story! Choose Your Own Path! [If you're unfamiliar with the excellent Choose Your Own Adventure books... that stinks. I loved them as a kid. They were often trippy, violent, and downright insane. Seriously. Check this out.] The Relic Hunter The day dawns as another cool, rainy October … [Read More...]