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Classics from the Archives


The Sky’s the Limit 2016 Hiking Challenge

This is DEEP, Man (Again) Connecticut State Parks “The Sky’s the Limit” 2016 Hiking Challenge Back again for another year! Fortunately for you, you don't have to read any longwinded introduction this year! For that, all you have to do is read what I wrote about the inaugural year's challenge here. The DEEP even … [Read More...]


Enders Island

This Is It: The Enders Enders Island, Mystic May 16, 2015 Every once in a while I'm tasked with writing a page that I find difficult to write for reasons that may surprise you. In this case, it's because Enders Island is a confusing, strange, stunningly beautiful, relatively unknown, mixed bag of a place - with a … [Read More...]

Featured Posts


Angelo Joseph Sferrazza Memorial Park

Hm. Angelo Joseph Sferrazza Memorial Park November 19, 2016 When an unassuming man decides to hike every trail in Enfield, he simply drives to the few trailheads in town and goes about his little communes with nature. He may take his son with him. No big deal. There are no mountains in Enfield. There are no … [Read More...]


Enfield’s Carnegie Library

Pearl Street Branch Library Enfield There were 11 total Carnegie Libraries built in Connecticut. Today, only six remain as libraries. Back in the day, wealthy business magnates sometimes did cool philanthropic things like give money for libraries all over the world. Andrew Carnegie was one such rich guy, helping … [Read More...]


Comb Over

New England Brewing's Comb Over BA Saison Bomber, 6.5% ABV Gifted by my man Jay You know, one thing that’s going to be different with the personnel changes at NEBCO going forward in 2017 is that I’d guess these limited release beers with a limited fanbase will be limited down to nonexistent. I have no idea, … [Read More...]