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I can’t remember how started writing pages on food – I think with just curious foods or places to eat unique to Connecticut. Then I found some lists that seemed fun and I went a little bonkers. Especially since writing about food is pretty difficult.

Over the years I’ve started and abandoned a few food lists. The fact of the matter is that restaurants close or move a lot and of course menus change. So I settled on only one sort of “best of” list: From Roadfood’s “500 Things to Eat Before It’s Too Late” book. They like their hot dogs, that’s for sure. (It took my severbal years, but I finished that list of 60 or so items around the state in July 2015.)

Some lists below are purely my creations and others are official state-sanctioned “trails.”

Lastly, I don’t consider myself an expert in anything on this page; this is just one guy visiting all the food/drink stuff this one guy deemed important enough to warrant pages on his website. Enjoy.

The Eats
The Drinks
The Stuff We Make

Fried Clams at Lennie & Joe’s Fish Tale, Madison

Fried Clams at Lennie & Joe’s Fish Tale, Madison



  • Connecticut Restaurant Tour of the World Focusing on the more unique places, here!
  • Michael and Jane Stern’s “Things to Eat in Connecticut Before it’s Too Late”…
    Roadfood’s Eat Before you Die List
  • CTMQ’s Historic & Unique Eating Establishments & Food Items – Oldests, firsts, weird, etc… Check it all out here
  • CTMQ’s Classic – I mean real Classic DinersEnjoy here
  • CTMQ’s Homemade Ice Cream Joints – Another list Hoang can get behind. Damian too. These are in addition to the 7 listed on the above “Best” list. But definitely still worth reading about – and visiting.
  • CTMQ’s Connecticut Cheese Trail – I made this up, but it’s darn comprehensive: Cheese, glorious Connecticut cheese!
  • Connecticut Chocolate Trail – This is actually state-sanctioned: Delicious!
  • Foraging – Fiddleheads, ramps, turnips, morels… I pick it, I eat it. And then you read about it here.
  • …………………………………………………….

    Hoang enjoying the deck at Saltwater Farm Vineyard, Stonington

    Hoang enjoying the deck at Saltwater Farm Vineyard, Stonington


  • Old School Soda Makers – Keeping the tooth-rotting tradition alive! I will sample everything from all three and you can read about the experiment here.
  • Vineyards/Wineries – Follow along our Wine Trail adventures. There are over 35 wineries in the state, believe it or not. And we’re visiting them all. Check it out here.
  • Breweries, Brewpubs & Cideries – From 5 breweries when I started this to around 40 by 2016. Crazy. You can read about them here.
  • Connecticut Beers – I seek them out and drink them and tell you about them. You find this enjoyable somehow.
  • Connecticut Spirit Trail – There are only a handful of distilleries in the state, but there were only a handful of breweries a few years ago too. Here they are.
  • …………………………………………………….


  • The Best Recipes in the World Not an original idea either, and not one I’m confident will last on CTMQ. Hoang is an excellent cook. I’m not half-bad. We like spending time together in the kitchen, and we like different foods. So why not cook a bunch of stuff from Mark Bittman’s excellent cookbook and take a picture of it.
  • Let’s make some drinks with Connecticut booze. And take pictures and try to write about it.


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    1. Jim says

      Check out a C-Town grocery store for some unusual food! Try the menudo… Watch out though, the one in New Britain had biting flies that took a chunk from my scalp!

    2. Ed McGoe says

      If you want the very best ice cream on the planet….visit RICH FARM ICE CREAM on ROUTE 67 in OXFORD. We have not had better anywhere including the highly touted 4c’s in Centerville,Ma.

    3. BobbyG says

      I personally adore Rich Farm Ice Cream, by far the best ice cream I have had in CT and a close second only to Loan Oak’s up in New Hampshire. Love it!!

    4. Staci says

      YummY!!! Rich’s ice cream is the best (Oxford), Big Dipper (Prospect), and I still love Dippy’s ice cream on Lakewood Rd Waterbury, which used to be Carvel!!
      Think I need to go get some ice cream, right now!

    5. Richard Beyer says

      The best ice cream is Salem Valley Frams Ice Cream on 20 Darling Road in Salem, CT 860-859-2980 next to the interchange of Route 11.

    6. says

      You should try Clamps on Route 202 in New Milford, just south of Marbledale. There really is no sign, a very small one you won’t see when driving by on the side of the building that says “Clamps est. 1939”. We all wait impatiently for Clamps to open, usually sometime at the end of April. The chalk board comes out announcing the opening which starts my mouth to watering. It is not just a great place to eat, it is a long standing tradition for many who live here or visit the area, especially those who are heading north to nearby Lake Waramaug.

      Since there is no sign, no phone, no indication of where it will be, I will give you a hint, it is just about across the street from Sawyer Hill Rd in New Milford!

      (and don’t forget to try the onion rings!)

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