Turtle Rock (Marlborough)

I Like Turtles
Turtle Rock, Marlborough

February 2, 2008

My original intent was merely to document Connecticut’s fascination/tradition with painting roadside rocks as the animal passersby feel they resemble. There are quite a few, as most Nutmeggers know. But when I: a) convinced Internet uberstar EdHill to pose giddily with Turtle Rock on an all-day CTMQ adventure and, b) wrote up our stop at Frog Rock in Eastford from the same day, and c) realized a tie-in with the ever-wonderful “I like Turtles” kid, well, I decided to do a 3 minute post. So here we have it.

[2015 Update: The preceding paragraph is funny to me, as this was back when I was just starting to move into the realm of “curiosities” for this site. Little did I know…]

Less than a mile off of Route 2 in Marlborough on the northbound side (though easily seen in both directions) the turtle lies in wait.


The coolest thing about this particular painted roadside rock are the little feet/claws. To me, that makes this one my favorites of those I have seen. So Ed, put on your zombie face paint and tell me what you think.

“I like turtles.”

Here is where you, too, can enjoy Turtle Rock:


What this means for future roadside rocks (Lizard, Snake, Eagle, etc.), I have no idea. Such is the wonder of CTMQ.

[2015 Update: I can now tell you it means many more pages of painted roadside rocks.]



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  1. Liz says

    Down the road a piece, still on rt. 66 going towards East Hampton, is Eagle Rock. Same side of the road, looks like the same artist too. We go by the two of them quite a bit and get all giddy every time.

  2. jeff says

    i was originaly a snake. evidently some chidren were scared so it was changed. it was pretty cool as a snake, much better then the redo to a “turtle”.

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